Need help guiding your team through the business impact of COVID-19?

The Culture Group have developed a ‘Pivot-your-Plan Playbook’ – Enabling leaders to maintain productivity as you navigate the business impact of COVID-19. We believe leaders have the power to shift team culture and practices with the right beliefs, mindset, behaviours and tools.

“Leading from the Front” is your biggest asset to ensuring teams feel empowered and remain productive through the unprecedented times of COVID-19.

Pivot your Plan Playbook & Toolkit

$495 ( + GST )

Pivot your Plan Playbook & Toolkit plus coaching session

$995 ( + GST )

Pivot-your-Plan Playbook is an easy to access, downloadable document and templates to support you in leading a focussed discussion with your teams, whether that be virtually or face to face.

Based on design thinking principles, the playbook starts from the place of not knowing the answer and being uncomfortable in ambiguity. Using the lens of our Business Contingency Model, you are then guided through a detailed process to gain clarity and materialise solutions.

This Playbook helps you consider all the elements to keep your business agile and it actively involves your team in setting new priorities, plans and targets.

This Playbook includes 15 activities and templates to help you:

  • Gain an understanding of the impact on your customers / stakeholders
  • Uncover the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19 on your industry, business and teams
  • Guide your team through in-depth business review process
  • Reshape your priorities, targets and build a detailed action plan